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How I Can Help

Feeling burnt out? Not enough profit for an 'owners paycheck' when you're not doing services, (or even if you are)? Struggling with delegation and lack of team engagement? Wondering where to even start the climb? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! I get calls like this daily. Owners that feel hopeless and lonely and BROKE! I know for a fact that you had purpose and passion at one time. You had your focus and your mission! You knew where you wanted to go! You simply got off track, the weight of all the moving parts may have taken you down the wrong, unfocused path. The daily fire fighting, trouble shooting, 'small rocks' , got you distracted from your bigger picture goals. The lack of support and systems started to chip away. I get it! I WAS THERE... For years I lived there. It's tiring. It feels hopeless. AND, i am here to tell you, it is not permanent.

As a multiple business owner for over 30+ years...I have been down every bumpy road and have found my way back! It is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE! Let me help you get back to your Purpose, Passion and Profit. I can't wait to learn about your journey. I know I can help.
About Me~

In my 30+ years in the beauty industry I have had the honor of operating multiple salon businesses and leading over 80 staff members. Throughout my career, I've worked with amazing companies, writing, teaching and traveling all over the country, delivering award winning business programs. The most fulfilling work has been the relationships i've had the pleasure of developing and working with some of the top salon owners in the world, helping them grow their business, become more profitable and find their purpose.

My Approach~

is rooted in empathy, trust, (a little humor) and a deep understanding of business, profit and the human potential.I believe that everyone has unique strengths and talents waiting to be unleashed. Whether you're seeking business growth, personal growth, improved relationships, leadership development, or a stronger systematic organization, I got you!

My Purpose~

is to help you reach the goals you never thought possible! My goal is to help you define your profit, passion and purpose!
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